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A Torre de Babel

"Asseguram os ímpios que o disparate é normal na Biblioteca e que o razoável (e mesmo a humilde e pura coerência) é quase milagrosa excepção."

Jorge Luís Borges, A Biblioteca de Babel



quarta-feira, outubro 12, 2005

Apple: depois do audio o VIDEO.

" Apple® today announced iTunes® 6, the next generation of the world?s most popular music jukebox and online music store. iTunes 6 lets fans purchase and download over 2,000 music videos and six short films from Academy-Award winning Pixar Animation Studios for just $1.99 each. Also, in a landmark deal with Disney, iTunes is now offering current and past episodes from two of the most popular shows on television, ?Desperate Housewives? and ?Lost,? as well as the new drama series ?Night Stalker? and the two most popular shows from Disney Channel, ?That?s So Raven? and ?The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,? for just $1.99 per episode. Customers can now purchase and download their favorite television shows from iTunes the day after they air on TV, watch them on their Mac® or PC, and Auto-Sync them onto the new iPod® for viewing anywhere.
?We?re doing for video what we?ve done for music?we?re making it easy and affordable to purchase and download, play on your computer, and take with you on your iPod,? said Steve Jobs, Apple?s CEO. ?Right out of the gate we?re offering 2,000 music videos, Pixar?s short films and hit primetime TV shows like ?Desperate Housewives? and ?Lost?.?
?For the first time ever, hit primetime shows can be purchased online the day after they air on TV,? said Robert Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company. ?We?re delighted to be working with Apple to offer fans a new and innovative way to experience our wildly popular shows like ?Desperate Housewives? ?Lost? and ?That?s So Raven?.? "

Mais material de leitura aqui, aqui e aqui.


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