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A Torre de Babel

"Asseguram os ímpios que o disparate é normal na Biblioteca e que o razoável (e mesmo a humilde e pura coerência) é quase milagrosa excepção."

Jorge Luís Borges, A Biblioteca de Babel



terça-feira, novembro 29, 2005

"In my life, I have known great joy and great sorrow. And now I know great shame."

Palavras de Randy Cunningham, in "Lawmaker Quits After He Pleads Guilty to Bribes" (
Mr. Cunningham disse ainda: "The truth is, I broke the law, concealed my conduct and disgraced my office. I know that I will forfeit my freedom, my reputation, my worldly possessions and, most importantly, the trust of my friends and family."

Nas palavras da Acusação: "He did the worst thing an elected official can do. He enriched himself through his position and violated the trust of those who put him there."


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